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Business Continuity Management (BCM) is the process that helps organisations plan to manage risks through an incident or crisis, and lead to effective recovery afterwards. Good BCM helps organisations identify their key products and services and the threats to these. Planning and exercising minimises the impact of potential disruption. It also aids in the prompt resumption of service helping to protect market share, reputation and brand.

In order to be successful, BCM must be regarded as an integral part of an organisation's normal ongoing management processes. To achieve this top-level buy-in is vital as it disseminates the importance of BCM throughout the organisation. Engaging senior staff is crucial to the success of any major program because of the influence they have over resource allocation and the culture of an organisation.

In order for a Business Continuity System to remain valid, it must be kept up to date. Given that BCM is merely a tool of mitigation, it is understandable that there may be other priorities within the business. Little Green Consulting Ltd can help by providing the support to maintain and manage the system, provide audit support, facilitate exercising the plan and maintain the links essential for the viability of the plan in the event that a critical incident occurs.

Management of an Business Continuity Management System