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Legal Compliance Auditing

The purpose of a legal compliance audit is to assist the client in evaluating its compliance with relevant environmental legislation. Environmental legislation is tightly regulated by the Environment Agency and fines can be unlimited with individuals facing up to five years in prison for a significant breach of the law. We can assist by carrying out a detailed audit of an organisation's legal compliance through the use of questionnaires, on site evaluation in the form of investigation and staff interviews, before providing you with a report and action plan identifying the issues that need addressing, and ways in which compliance can be met.

Environmental Auditing - Internal

Internal auditing is a valuable tool for any organisation to monitor its performance, and measure the degree of continuous improvement. We can assist with the setting up of internal audit systems, training internal auditors and implementing audit schemes and schedules. Where necessary, we can deliver audit services, carrying out internal audits and provide management reports as to progress.

As Environmental Lead Auditors, we can also manage audits by external bodies such as customers and Certification bodies, as well as represent the organisation when being assessed by regulatory bodies such as the Environment Agency, for PPC and Environmental Permit purposes.

As an organisation's environmental practices mature, it will become appropriate to seek to engender good practice up and down the supply chain. As qualified lead auditors, Little Green Consulting Ltd's auditors can carry out assessments of suppliers and provide reports and assessments of those suppliers' environmental credentials.

Environmental Auditing - External

As registered Environmental Lead Auditors, Little Green Consulting Ltd can offer an assessment service to conduct Environmental Audits on behalf of external assessment bodies and clients.