Muntons Plc

Our brief was to support the existing Environmental and Energy Management systems across the company whilst the Environment Manager was long term sick leave. This meant reviewing the individual management systems across multiple sites and disciplines.


Muntons plc
Muntons plc is a Maltings Company specialising in malt and malt products. Its head office is in Stowmarket in Suffolk which is both a maltings and a Malt Products producing factory. The second maltings is at Bridlington in the East Riding of Yorkshire, with the company’s Peating Plant nearby at Tithe Top, North Dalton.

All three sites have significant environmental and energy challenges, but the Company has been successful in meeting these and developing robust approaches, tools and understanding for Sustainability to underpin the business.


The Challenge
Knowing that the Environment Manager would be away for some time it was agreed that the EMS and EnMS needed review and updating. Each site had its own management system for each standard with little regard for commonality, quadrupling the need for control and updating.


The Solution
We began by mapping out the four systems against each other and identifying all the common documentation and requirements. At the same time, site and standard specific requirements were identified and earmarked for separate treatment.

Once the single structure had been identified, it was then possible to produce an Integrated Management System that covered the requirements of both ISO 14001:2015 and ISO50001:2018 for both Stowmarket and Bridlington sites. Tithe Top had not yet been certified, so it was possible to
incorporate their requirements into a single system, which was duly certified by BSI.

The next step was to roll out the new structure to the team at both sites. This was welcomed as it meant that everyone had access to a single set of documents and procedures, that there was a common approach across the Group, and the burden of managing the systems was lifted allowing
Compliance Managers to focus on the compliance issues in their areas without needing to keep returning to unique management systems. It also gave greater visibility and control to the Group Health Safety & Environment Manager across all the sites thus saving time and resource.


– ISO 14001:2015
– ISO 50001:2018