Environmental Permits

Environmental Permits

Environmental Permits are now a fact of life for many businesses and the range of requirements continues to grow. Whether it is a Standard Rules Permit or a Bespoke Permit, there are still significant requirements for application and managing those permits.


Typically, an environmental permit is a form of environmental impact assessment, with a requirement to consider and demonstrate an awareness of the impact the organisation has through its activities. This can include air and water emissions, management of waste and fire plans.


Typically, the application process can take three to six months, and with extensive experience of the process, Little Green Consulting Ltd can help you formulate the application, liaise with the Environment Agency and ensure that you achieve the required permit. Following on from that, we can also help and advise on managing the requirements of the permits including quarterly and annual reporting.


Every permit application has its own degree of unique requirements, so please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. See also Case Studies setting out examples of our engagement with the Environment Agency and environmental permitting.


Managing environmental permits are an essential part of an organisation’s environmental responsibilities. These can range from simple applications for exemptions to permits, through waste management to the detail of an Environmental Permit.


With the experience of applications and management of Environmental Permits, Little Green Consulting Ltd can assist you in all aspects of the Environmental Permit process.


Environmental Permits

  • Provide advice to clients on requirements
  • Prepare applications and manage the process for the client
  • Manage the permit once granted
  • Advise on all Improvement Conditions to ensure they are met
  • Ensure both internal and external reporting is timely
  • Liaise with regulatory bodies to ensure all permit conditions are met
  • Advise on the Variation process if required
  • Manage the Variation process if required